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Protea fishing competition 2016

Protea Hotel Entebbe Fishing Competition – 29th May 2016

Amidst the chaos of visiting president and road closures – The Protea Hotel Entebbe Fishing Competition hosted 6 boats, with 15 fishermen with a common goal to seek the elusive Nile Perch.

Whilst the bigger fish were not to be found – there was an abundance of smaller fish with some being put back to spawn some more.

Those that were on the water early found the lake to be mirror like, this changed around 10am with a light storm. Which cleared within the hour.

All boats were in by 15h00 and hungry fishermen and onlookers feasted on the spread laid out by the Protea Hotel Entebbe. Executive Chef Ingmar Stief and his TEAM prepared a fare that was not often seen at the ESC. With Giant burgers, Pita rolls, Filled potatoes etc.


Following on to the meal and stories of what got away, the weigh in was done with the following results.


The trophy list was as follows :

Place     Fisherman                           Fish                        Boat Name

`1st          Mohammed                       10kg                       Blue Canoe

2nd          Sacha                                    8kg                         Geisha

3rd           Douglas                                7kg                         Blue Boat

4th – Draw            Piet (snr)             6kg                         Bass boat

                                Paige                     6kg                         Fire Fly

6th           Steve Allard                        4kg                         Geisha

7th           Naomi                                   3kg                         Fire Fly

8th           Tom                                       1kg                         Sea Master


Boat catch

1st           Geisha                                  11kg

2nd          Blue Canoe                         10kg


The combined catch of 45kg was donated to the Entebbe School for handicapped children.



To download and to see all the pictures of the Victoria Mall fishing competition, log into members page. Then click on see members picture gallery


To download and to see all the pictures of the Protea Hotel fishing competition, log into members page. Then click on see members picture gallery

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Victoria Mall Classic

The participants for the 2nd Victoria Mall Classic, hit the water at 0630 hr. Grey skies  the weather was calmwere the order of the day and the impression was that whilst the water was like glass, the heavens may erupt at any moment. However, this did not happen and with the exception of some very slight drizzle.

The field comprised 7 boats and 15 fishermen.

At the weigh in it was clear that there were only 2 main competitors, from which the results were as follows:

1st place - Douglas 17 kg

2nd place - Mel 7.2 kg

3rd place Sam - 6.8 kg (two fish)

Junior - Tom Gormely 3 kg

The catch was to be donated to the Entebbe Handicapped  school, however the 2 largest fish were auctioned off and the proceeds were used to buy food for the school. A total of 810,000 ugx was generated from the auction.

Protea hotel fishing competition


1st.  Brent Anderson     8.8 Kg

2nd. Gareth Goldring    4 Kg

3rd.  Tom Gormley       2 Kg



1st. Paige Charnley      4 Kg


5 boats in total

Catch donated to Entebbe School for handicapped children

arthur de-mello fishing competition results

6 boats, total catch 14kgs.
Lots of undersized fish caught and all released
4 x junior competitors : Paige Charnley, Tom Gormley, Sasha Allard, Piet De Jong
No ladies
Boat catch : Banange – skippered by Paul Bolrach
3rd Prize – David Case 2.9kg
2nd Prize – Peter Bowser 3.1kg
1st Prize – Douglas (surname unknown) 4kg

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